Colocation Details & Options

Colocation costs are determined by three key factors:

Physical space for equipment, servers, cables, etc. Providing space in a secure facility costs money.  If your 1U server needs to be in a locked cabinet, by itself, then you will pay more.  If your 1U server can share space in a locked cabinet with other 1U servers, then your price will be much less.  Other unique needs, such as accessibility, desire to support remote staff using our facility, amount of items entering/leaving facility daily such as backup tapes, etc also play a role in this cost.

Bandwidth needs. Bandwidth costs money.  Bandwidth use costs money, but the ability to have access to otherwise unused bandwidth still costs money.  If you want 1 Mbit of actual use, but need to be able to use 1 gigabit on demand, you will be paying for that gigabit connection to remain idle so it is available for your exclusive use. We NEVER oversubscribe bandwidth. If you want it to be truly redundant, it doubles that cost.  IPv4 use also plays in to this cost if many IPs are required. (more than 3 per physical server)

Power use. Electricity costs money.  And your electricity use means that  generators, switchgear, and UPSes must be operated and maintained.  And every watt of power needs to be removed with air conditioning.  The initial and ongoing costs of providing cooling for your rack will differ greatly depending if your power use is 1 kilowatt or 20 kilowatts.  It all adds in to the ongoing cost.  We only charge ongoing costs of your actual power use.  Dual 30 amp drops to your rack that are only using 12 amps are charged at 12 amps.

Because every colocation case is different, we simply price based on those three factors.  Then we look at the costs to provision service, the total monthly recurring price, and provide a discount based on the particular bundle and length of term, amount of space, bandwidth, power, etc, and provide a price.

Examples of prices:

1.  4U of space, 10Mbit, and 2 amps of power for less than $199 per month, with no install fee on terms longer than 1 year. You ship us the equipment, we set it up.

2.  1 rack using 100Mbps of redundant bandwidth  and 16 amps of use:  $1179 per month, with no install fee on terms longer than 1 year.

3.  5 racks (3000) provisioned with 1 Gigabit of dual redundant bandwidth (3000) and 5KW of dual redundant UPS power. $1325 per rack, with no install fee on terms longer 1 year.

– Our pricing examples do not include any discounts or specials! Please contact us with your unique requirements for power, bandwidth, or any additional services and we will provide you with a no pressure pricing quote.

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