Bank of controls.United States Secure Hosting and Colocation is a privately owned, underground, secure colocation data center located in the Cedar Rapids – Dubuque – Iowa City tech corridoor in rural Iowa, in the United States. We take pride in offering the most secure, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) shielded, carrier-class colocation data center services available.

Unmatched Excellence

Unmatched excellence in security, and colocation services is our first priority. No other commercially available colocation facility can match our level of physical security for your colocated equipment. Multiple layers of security and redundancy are practiced throughout the data center facility. All security, cooling, power, and connectivity systems are implemented in layers, with primary, backup, and tertiary systems used throughout the underground colocation data center.

We own our data center outright

United States Secure Hosting and Colocation owns the data center. Unlike many secure internet colocation data centers, USSHC owns the building, all facilities, the land above, below, and around it, the campus, and all infrastructure improvements, and does so with no debt. This ensures that both USSHC and their colocation customers have maximum flexibility and long term security.