Every Packet. Every Millisecond. Every Day.

USSHC provides to our customers the uptime to ensure the application availability they desire. We provide secure hosting and colocation services in an environment that is secure, disaster proof, redundant, and affordable.

The best colocation or hosting solution in the world does no one any good if it isn’t affordable by the masses.  We strive to keep our prices inline with typical, commodity data centers, while offering so much more.

We believe that colocation data centers should be secure and safe at all times, especially during contingency situations.  This is why we employ so much redundancy.  USSHC has an underground colocation facility that is virtually indestructible. Within that underground data center we provide services that are absolutely redundant through multiple sources of power, cooling, and fiber.  Since our facility is below ground we are not only immune to what happens above the ground, but we are far more energy efficient than the average data center in operation today.

We believe that we provide the best and safest setting for your important information.  Our customers and their equipment are the most important things to us at USSHC. We go to such great lengths for our customers, because we know that without our customers, we do not exist.

Most disasters are nothing more than a few simple problems that all happen at the same time and compound each other. Our approach is one that allows for multiple contingencies to occur simultaneously, without compounding on each other. The end result is a colocation data center environment that is highly fault tolerant, and highly immune to disasters.

Most importantly, we fully believe that in any complex system, there is always the potential for failure.  Without constant diligence, and attention to every detail, every hour of every day, even the most hardened data centers can fail.  Arrogance leads to disaster.  At USSHC you will find that we are rooted in the idea that humble hard work and constant diligence leads to success.

Here are some examples of what can happen when you don’t colo at USSHC.